Creating revolutionary smiles

Some people we have made smile

Creating revolutionary smiles

Some people we have made smile

Hi Karen,

Thank you for the work that was done on my teeth. My gums have finally calmed down and my teeth have retained their position. Attached you will see a picture of my teeth. I am really so thankful for your services and hospitality throughout the whole process, and will forever shout your praises to anyone who is looking for dental care :).

Kind Regards


Concelo Client

Dr Zieg and team, I have no words … you guys are INCREDIBLE!  My teeth have always distressed me and I will always be thankful for what you have done for me, and after three weeks, my headaches also disappeared – AMAZING!!!!! UNBELIEVEABLE service and nothing was ever too much for you to do for me. And to be honest, my teeth were only painful once in 17 months – THE BEST DECISION I have ever made for myself as a mum…. This is something that has always troubled me and as a mum, one tends to forget about yourself easily…..

I am going to be very sad when the braces are removed, because coming to you every month was a highlight for me – I have come to really love you all 🙂 YOU ARE THE BEST, FRIENDLIEST DR’S EVER!

It was a great journey to share with you xx

Izandi Serdyn

Concelo Client

At the age of 40 I never thought that I actually needed braces.   Until Dr. Zieg noticed that my teeth were wearing down because of their ‘alignment’ and the fact that I was grinding them while I sleep.  He gave me braces behind my teeth that were not visible when I smiled – at my age and as a businessman that was a very big relief!

After about 8 months my treatment was done and it was the best decision I could’ve made.  The ‘alignment’ just feels so much better and because of this I do not grind my teeth as much.

Dr Zieg and his assistants made the awkward experience to have braces at my age quick, easy and painless.

Forever grateful.

Riaan du Toit

40 years old, Concelo Client

Dear Dr Weber

This letter is so long overdue – Apologies for not having written sooner.

We have received Bianca’s school photo (her final one at primary school) and what is so amazing is how beautiful her teeth look (She could pass as a toothpaste model with these beautiful new teeth)

I have enclosed her latest photo for you as well as one when she was in Grade 3 (just a while prior to her commencing treatment with you) It is incredible to believe that it is the same child.

Thank you again for everything you’ve done for her. Her confidence level has turned around 200% and all we need to watch out for now is the “attention” she is getting now!

We have a follow up appointment to see you in October so we’ll see you then.

Many thanks again, and kind regards

Tania De Backer

Concelo Client

I don’t have to hide my smile anymore – it now looks like the smile I’ve always wished for.


13 years old, Concelo Client

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